Getting Started

"Dr. Hullings and his staff are knowledgeable, skilled, attentive, supportive and respectful. The office is well organized and the administrative staff is incredibly courteous and helpful. Our visits to the office are efficient, but never rushed. Yes, orthodontic treatment is an investment, but the quality of the patient care and the exceptional customer service makes the investment easier to accept. We highly recommend Dr. Hullings to our family and friends!" - Ann Marie D.

When Dr. Hullings indicates that the time is right to get started with treatment, we will need to gather additional diagnostic information. We will need at least one additional X-ray as well as impressions to make models of your teeth. These additional records can be taken at your first visit if you are ready to begin treatment.

Dr. Hullings will use these diagnostic records, along with the information gathered at the initial examination, to diagnose and plan your course of orthodontic treatment. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two treatment plans are exactly alike. Therefore, Dr. Hullings will develop a plan just for you, involving procedures appropriate for your individual goals.

The initial placement of braces or appliances generally takes one to two hours. Adjustment visits during the course of treatment are fairly short and usually occur every six to ten weeks. Although we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs, you should expect to miss some school or work during your orthodontic treatment.