First Visit

"Dr. Hullings and his staff are knowledgeable, skilled, attentive, supportive and respectful. The office is well organized and the administrative staff is incredibly courteous and helpful. Our visits to the office are efficient, but never rushed. Yes, orthodontic treatment is an investment, but the quality of the patient care and the exceptional customer service makes the investment easier to accept. We highly recommend Dr. Hullings to our family and friends!" - Ann Marie D.

firstvisit1We love seeing new patients, and we’re pleased that you’ve come to us to talk about your family’s orthodontic care. We understand that each person has different needs and expectations about orthodontics. Our Treatment Coordinator will accompany you through your first appointment with Dr. Hullings to help ensure that your individual concerns are addressed and all of your questions are answered.

So that Dr. Hullings will have the information necessary to give you his preliminary treatment recommendations, we will be taking a digital panoramic X-ray and photographs at your first appointment.

firstvisit2We offer one of the best advances in dentistry – digital radiography. Not only are they friendly to the environment, but they are much safer than traditional X-rays, reducing radiation by as much as 90%.  Each X-ray is equivalent to standing in the sun for only six minutes!

After reviewing your X-ray and completing a thorough exam, Dr. Hullings will discuss whether or not orthodontic treatment is indicated. He will describe the kind of treatment that is necessary and will be able to estimate how long it will take. Our New Patient Coordinator will review the financial aspects of orthodontic care, including payment options.

Exam 2resizedDr. Hullings may recommend that we wait for further dental maturation before determining if orthodontic treatment will be necessary. In this instance, he will ask the patient to return periodically for check-ups (at no charge) to monitor growth and development so that treatment can be initiated at the most favorable time for the best results.

It is very important to us that you come away from the first visit with a clear understanding of your individual orthodontic needs, how these needs will be met, how long it will take and how much it will cost. We always want you to feel comfortable asking any questions that you may have about any part of the orthodontic treatment process.