Interceptive Treatment

"I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Hullings and his staff. We have so appreciated their care of our daughter, the interest they take in her outside of her orthodontic care and the propensity to run appointments on time." - Lisa J.

K MillingtonSometimes orthodontic treatment begins at an early age when there are still some baby teeth present. This type of treatment is called Phase One, or Interceptive, orthodontic treatment and is recommended for patients with more severe orthodontic problems. Dr. Hullings will recommend interceptive treatment only when the same result cannot be achieved if treatment is delayed until all of the permanent teeth are in place.

The most common goals of Phase One treatment are to improve jaw relationships, correct crossbites and/or to create adequate space to accommodate the permanent teeth. Growing children can benefit enormously from an early phase of treatment using orthopedic appliances designed to guide the growth of the upper and lower jaws. Not only is the bite improved, but the facial profile can be dramatically enhanced.

Phase One is the first phase of an anticipated two-phase treatment service. It usually does not eliminate the need for further treatment to align all of the permanent teeth and detail how they fit together. However, interceptive treatment frequently makes the completion of treatment (Phase Two or full braces) at a later age easier and less time consuming.

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